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mind/switch in Red robe

It’s been a long I enjoyed so much a black tea, actually this should be a special category of tea, a chinese type of black tea that they call red tea and once it is sun dried and pressed into bing cakes makes a unique character that is underlined with a strong gushu ancient tea tree feel. 

Why mind/switch? The tea leaves or rather a 5 oldest tea trees of Veian’s tea garden where selected for autumn harvest of 2022 and made into this tea. 

So what’s fuss about this mind/switch called something? It simply clicks the mind into calm state, free of worries, tensions and modernly called stress. Ofcourse you can’t force this click as it won’t happen, maybe those who meditate might know this transition to a new ‘happy’ state. 

About the tea, it has so much character and depth, a light but vast Qi that I mentioned about not calling this a black tea. Even it has in one cooler brew a kind of alcohol feel, the cooling strong punch but good that it has not a real alcohol cut.

Throughout the brews tea would change, starting with a typical black features going later into almost aged, about 10-12 years stored puerh. 

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