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Emilio Merino

Emilio Merino Perello was from an early age attracted to the idea of ​​making objects with his own hands.

In 2009 he did a pottery course in Manises and then several courses of pottery wheel improvement. At first he bought an electric winch and he used a gas oven, but soon he turned to more natural, he sold everything and he built a wood oven and a low hand winch.

During his work he thinks of the ancient potters who, without light, or gas, and with tools made by them, developed their magnificent works.

He is attracted to the beauty in the chassebal, the asymmetrical silhouette of the chawan and the taste of unglazed clay. He believes that if handmade ceramics have been crafted from a nourishing heart, that work will reveal who you are.

Emilio Merino
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