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Stefan Andersson

”In most ways I am a potter. But I don't make large series, instead time is put in to research – understanding.
I plunge in to the basis of what we surround us with and study expressions that industrialism has wiped away.
Functional pots come with their boundaries and clay with its own life – conditions that coaxes me to work with dedicated precision."
I feel that small decisions at the potters wheel, glazing and firing gets instilled in the pots and gives them character. No object is the same after days and nights in a wood kiln but already when wedging I make fundamental decisions into their personality.”
"When looking at my work you should expect to see marks. Maybe a fingerprint, ridges from throwing, scars from how they where stacked in the kiln and patterns created by fire. To me these marks are decorative and very much a part of the pieces spirit. However I let them come naturally and not by force.
Most of my work is wood fired. Fire is fascinating, full of life and in long wood firings clay develops and get added depth. I fire my pieces with clear intentions but I keep an open mind when unloading.”
"this film is a good way to get a feel from my firing and kiln"
Stefan Andersson
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