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summer vibes

or why I drink tea?

This summer as other many past summers I drove with my family to an island called Vis. During my previous stays I drunk tea but it never satisfied my expectations. Simply I could not get out of the sessions the thing that makes me drink tea. 

I thought this time for the sake of ‘followers of pu-erh.sk’ I would take teas with me and shoot some stories and pics. In a packing rush before our leave I grabbed 9 of the old pu-erh tea I have in my offer. I did not mark the bags that each got about 5-7 grams. I roughly remember the teas I packed and some I would recognize according the pressing but this is the case with only a few. 

The first whole day of the vacation I tried to squezze in my tea seasion into the daily programme. I got an empty window by the local church. Sat down by the sea and started to brew this ‘souvenir’ like small brick from BaJiaoTing factory. I know this tea from the sight so I knew what I got on my plate. 

Drinking most of the brews by the sea where pretty thin and oldisch and satisfied my camera more than my heart and taste buds. Just right I had to leave the show started.  The mind click came along the first real brew. BAng! It’s clearly there.  It does not come loudly but rather creeps in and one realizes it only later.

In the old stone house we are staying I made several more thickening brews that put my mind on a different level, it is like adjusting my reality. Even hasty, grabbed moments for drinking a few cups are teaching me catch the soul of the tea, the true thing in the tea, the depthness and vastness, the thing  that puts you in the moment. 

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