There are from 1. July 2022 aplied new rules for charging EU VAT rates that will be chosen according the billing country. The other (Non. EU) countries will get the product prices (incl. 20% SK VAT) that are shown in the shop. The EU countries, if other than 20% VAT will have the adjustment made during the checking out process.



Day 1

Things won’t go as you like them to or as you wish them to. Time makes a flow of changes. You have tea and wait for black lines to show the pattern of cracking lines. They pop up as they like to or as their time to. They will show when you stop to expect them.

Ticking of a kitchen clock creates sounds, the time is counted. What is time? Is there a time or just a flow of sensations. The glaze of truth, the liquid of time, the hidden insight.


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