here are from 1. July 2022 aplied new rules for charging EU VAT rates that will be chosen according the billing country. The other (Non. EU) countries will get the product prices (incl. 20% SK VAT) that are shown in the shop. The EU countries, if other than 20% VAT will have the adjustment made during the checking out process.

About us

who is this shop?
pu-erh.sk is a Slovakia based tea and teaware web shop launched in 2010. The shop operates only as a online web shop with a personal friendly approach.

what is doing?
pu-erh.sk explores, finds, tests all his tea and teaware.
pu-erh.sk makes his own old tea tree sheng pu-erh tea cakes pressing since 2010.
pu-erh.sk promotes and spreads the authetic old tea trees pu-erh teas from the centuries famous mountains.

pu-erh.sk would like to deliver authentic rare sheng and shu pu-erh tea and unique teaware

pu-erh.sk sends orders worldwide and offers FREE shipping of teas and teaware for any orders starting from 150€

talk to us
pu-erh.sk is based on one to one personal approach to anyone interested in pu-erh teas and teaware, any questions, doubts and notes are warmly welcomed

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