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Andrzej Bero

Andrzej Bero has been doing pottery since 1990. He went to pottery classes at People’s University in Turno. Later on he worked with one of the oldest Polish pottery groups - KERAMOS Association. He participated in its international biennales without a break since 1996 and before starting his own workshop in 2008 he was co-leading the KERAMOS workshop. For over 10 years he was active as a manual therapist in a pottery workshop of a blind children’s center. Then he has built three wood-fired kilns, but living in the city he ended using mainly electrical.
„From the very beginning of my activity I was interested in tea pottery. If I remember well, the second vessel I made in my life was a teapot. A tea set was a part of my final pottery diploma, too. I wasn’t a tea connoisseur at that time – I’ve been drinking „Gun powder”, the only green tea available in Poland then, and because of my buddhism interests I’ve known „The Book of the Tea” but that was all. I loved tea vessels since they were closest to my idea of a human need to surround oneself with things that are simple, beatiful and functional at the same time.
In the last couple of years the situation has changed as I’ve met several people involved in so called ‘tea culture’ in Poland and Czech Republic. I opened my eyes to variety of tastes, shapes and smells of different teas from Japan, China, Korea and India, as well as to the abundance of traditions and rituals resulting in specific pottery shapes I did not know or did not properly understod. Now I try to blend those two passions in order to create my own pottery style, enhanced with centuries long traditions of distant lands.
Andrzej Bero
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