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Jiří Duchek

Czech potter Jiří Duchek born in Prague in 1970. Jiří has fled the city soon enough in his early youths. Found a big house in a village Mutějovice. A region that was in turmoil in the near past. The local people were expeled and others were moved here. Germans, Jews, Czechs all came in and gone from here. Then Jiří with his family moved here.
I started with this short preface as all this is reflected Jiří's enduring character that has a great impact or rather imprint in his work. Jiří is a tradionalist, the one who brings/revives the old ways of making pottery. Jiří a father, a potter, a maker of his own clay, an archaelogist, a writer and summed all this up a Man.
Jiří's pottery is made of local clays and glazes, all these materials are found in his country nearby. Mined by him, made into clay by him, thrown on a pottery wheel into pots, vessels and fired by him.
Jiří's pieces are simple at first sight. Once you have them, you will have a chance to turn them/age them into ceramic pieces that will please your heart and an eye for a long time.
The time, usage and your care will make Jiří's vessels into priceless things.
Jiří Duchek
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