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water as a medium and much more

water as a medium and much more

I was not able, these days, to go and get my favourite water from the nearby mountain. So that I decided after many re-thinking occasions to order a few packs of bottled Royal Water that comes from deepness of the earth, claiming to be 70 million old years old, somewhere in Hungary.

I drunk this water before my tea session and it got immediatelly distributed all over my cells. Indeed energizing and what about a tea with it?

The first brew I felt the water strong that I thought the tea taste is gone. Then gradually Mansong 2021 was waking up and giving more and stronger attacks on my taste buds. The Cha Qi was at some point very vibrating and I was doubting or rather thinking if this phenomena is influenced by water or not. The water is the medium that delivers the ‘goods’.

I never had such a strong Yibang character feeling in my mouth, so enhanced. I can not say much more about this water as I would need more occasions to drink/use it with other teas.

What I can say that each unique water will reset my memories and expectations of all my known teas. Last week was drinking and making tea from an artesian 234 meter deep well that is nearby. Very soft water but the tea of it had similar effect to this royal water. Showing more character traits than I am used to.

a bottom note: I am not paid by the mentioned water company just thought to try it out and tell you about it…


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