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Kung Fu Panda 3

Kung Fu Panda 3

Go back to your children time of your life and watch it. Get lost in the story. Don't think only watch. Then drink your favourite tea.

Some teas have cha qi, or say have energy, some people say, some say they don’t have. They either have and neither have. I told to some of my friends to watch Kung Fu Panda 3. There they talk about qi or let’s say they wanted to picture it in a cartoon.  Go back to your children time of your life and watch it. Get lost in the story. Don’t think only watch. Then drink your favourite tea.

I had this green mark tuocha from 1997 and realised that this is not only tea. It is tea only but what you get when you drink it is not only taste. This factory like perfectly made tuocha stored in dry Taiwan storage slowly is slowing turning to a great classic tea. It has this typical smokiness that such tuos has, it has a sudden rush of energy, pressing feeling, for someone in the chest area for someone in the head, putting the mind in a concentrated state. It already has nice sweet parts, no gushu but it is a classical pu-erh tea ageing and showing what such tea used to be. It is expensive but once you try it you might get a feeling of many aspects of todays and past times pu-erh tea industry went and going through.

In case you are more curious get a sample of LBZ I just put online. I had it with friends yesterday and I was thinking. Uhhh, this tea has enormous energy, but the taste is very modest, modest for tea from this hyped area. I thought ohh this tea is not worth of selling. It is very expensive and has this modest taste. No! There is no taste, there is no energy, there is tea. There is me drinking tea. Who’s says it’s not worth of it? Who says there is no energy? Drink your tea and not your thoughts, ideas and views.

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