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a suicide of a red teapot

a suicide of a red teapot

Some stories are true and some are fiction, some become legends and some get forgotten.

Some time ago a friend of mine bought from me a teapot that I got almost broken. The lid fell off my hand and a small chip was broken off. He liked the pot so I gave it to him for a good price. Anyway it was lightly damaged on the bottom of the lid. Still it was all functional.

My friend liked the pot, started to use it, started to love it. He used it every day. Day by day until the D day.

The chinese pot was resting on a shelf next to a teapot made by Duchek. My friend thought to break the marathon of the usage of chinese teapot and have tea from the one of Duchek potter.

He was gently taking the Duchek’s pot off the shelf when… when suddenly the chinese red pot got jealous and decided to commit a suicide jumping off the shelf. AND… that was the end.

My friend got very sad, he mourned, told everyone what happened. He was not aware, still, what really happened. Only later when having tea with me, he realized that the beloved red teapot was loving him so much that it could not stand the single day without his touch and love.

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