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a black teapot

a black teapot

I thought I publish some of my moments from morning tea sittings.

Today, 08 Jun 2021, chosen black teapot and a pitcher and a cup from Jiri Duchek.

I constantly try to ‘crack’ the mystery of black teapots by Jiri. I had this Gaoshan Yiwu 2010 autumn tea aged by me. Just a piece of it in a zip bag left. Think have one or two cakes of it left somewhere, but those not opened.

This tingling in my mounth, more frequent with the use of this black magic woman, this time I had it right, simply just tea and me. No interference form the clay effect of the teapot.

Used these new kohiki amamori pitcher and cup that are too mystery for me. They start slowly to ‘crack’ its glaze, they have a pretty neutral taste effect, a bit mild but less as with pure kohiki ware from Jiri. This might be caused by the addition of small stones in the clay to achieve the amamori effect.

Had only some 6-8 brews as time is running fast, pretty calming tea, very tasty as Gaoshan is, the mountain water makes it simply perfect.

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