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a feeling or a thought

a feeling or a thought

More and more people write me about teaware they bought from me that they simply feel its something. The something in it.

I’ll tell you a story, a first hand as I experienced it.

I was visiting Jiri Lang, spending some time with him in his little studio, a display shop with a place where he can create his clay pieces. This is a small village in Czech republic, far away from big cities. A rather less rich area with simple people. Who ‘don’t give a f. about hand-made stuff’, until it really catch their eye and its also cheap.

Strolling in the shop, outside the shop, this village has about three hundred people only. One lady comes in and starts telling a story to Jiri.

One time I bought a plate from you. My daughter started to use it and came to like it more and more. Now, the plate got accidentally broken and really longs to get a similar one. Can you make another one for me?

No word about the beauty, no word about the shape that the girl missing, simply she found the food great out of this piece.

Let’s put an opposite case here.

I noticed an angel in one of the shelfs of Jiri. I kind of went by, came back, look once more. Next time I came to see him it pulled me closer to it and I think at this occasion or the next I bought it from him.

He says to me. Do you really want this piece? Are sure? It was like a moment of hesitancy to depart from this piece.

He told me the story of it before I decided to buy it. It was made for another lady who wanted to buy it as a present for her mother. She came to see Jiri several times until made Jiri to make one.

The Christmas got closer and she came for the angel. I am not sure as I was not there simply something like this happened. She saw it and also asked about the price. Then she said that this angel is not like the one her mother has collected so far. Probably those cast gypsum ones.  Then left and the angel stayed with Jiri.

Until I had a feeling I want to buy it. Actually this is a first such piece I have. I don ‘t buy such pieces. I am not even a catholic and rather oriented to the east. Simply something pulled me to it, something that was/is hidden, or rather made of this piece.

I read somewhere that material things are made of atoms which represent the substance, the thing that make them ‘real’ and the rest, not the rest but the most of it is ‘energy’ and how this and from where this got into ‘things’?

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