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a fresh start

a fresh start

Today I had to choose a new teapot from #29blackteapots series as the previous one got broken, the small lid handle got knocked off. Can be repaired but it takes time. 

Anyway a good chance to try another one. This one got nice lid opening, higher set spout. Actually this is the one I used with Jiri during my last visit as I found some bits used dry leaves in it. 

In the begining it seems that there is this taste in the Liming BGT 2011, I mean the taste of the clay or the way it was made. It seems this is gone after 6 steeps or so. 

What I notice is that this black teapot nicely rounds and ‘melts’ in a compact one, the old ageing taste with the tea taste. 

Later I thought to use the used leaves to cook the teapot with. Have not done this for years but I thought since this tea is good the soup can’t damage/spoil the pot.


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