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a soft breeze

a soft breeze

a birth of an object was a transmission of a feelings and a rapture of a potters mind, a clean, pure willingness to create something beautiful, joyful and useable

moments of life are filled with experience of our senses, a finger touch of ceramic ware, our lips touching a cup, a feeling that can be hard to described, holding a cup and knowing or rather sensing a soft breeze of energy,

its in the object itself, the mark that was left in it by a human, a being that created an object out of material that was deep underneath the ground for ages, made into a beautiful functional teaware,

even an object won’t catch our eye at first moment but when touched, it is felt, the contact will put the object into use, into its life, its use, all its curves are filled with marks of fingers of a potter that was connected with the object during its creation, raw material and a potter were one thing at that moment, a birth

a birth of an object, a transmission of feelings and a rapture of a potters mind, a clean and pure willingness to create something beautiful, joyful and useable

Fedyo, a potter that I was seeing a few days ago, I was saying him a final good bye and while hewas leaving toward its pottery wheel was telling me “I will make you guys wares that will bring you happiness” and that is the right feeling I tried to describe, the breeze of intangible


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