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‘beginners’ guide to puerh ‘tea world’

‘beginners’ guide to puerh ‘tea world’

Yesterday I attended one tea tasting session in Vienna. It was held by William from Farmer’s Leaf.  BIG thank you William for your effort touring Europe back and forth and bringing first hand knowledge to tea fans. Any of you if you have such occasion then grab it and go for it. 

This post is no way critizing or in any other way disregarding people who start with tea, this is only my experience, I was the same, years ago, maybe could be only a helping stick to advance and enjoy tea more. 

We all with western type of thinking, probably already with ‘global’, science based knowledge, we like to think, we are learnt to think since we are born and learn to talk. Then we think that the thoughts are us and that the thoughts are the reality we live in, the world around us. 

Tea drinking is a taste, smell and body feeling experience. Then what it has to do with our thoughts? Our thoughts, our knowledge meets the tasting experience. Then so and so ‘data’, mostly given by others are tried to be fit with our experience BUT we all have our own matrix.

Why my tea experience should be the same? It never it is. Even drinking the same tea several time. Each moment, experience is different and tons of knowledge won’t help this experience be better. 

Putting more and more ‘data’ into the bag makes it more and more heavy and needs more effort to carry it further, to nourish it, to keep it tidy. 

Then where is the pure experience of tea? 

I still repeatedly experience the ‘broken connection’ of this pure experience. This comes in place when I daydream at the same time I drink tea, when I plan already other things while sipping my tea, when already thinking about the taste of the next cup while not finishing the one I have at my lips. 

I am thinking to keep this post open I will expand it  when some further ideas hit my mind…

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