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buy/try or not buy/try

buy/try or not buy/try

Those teas are above my budget (I try to stick to 2€/gram maximum). 

Back 2010 where my ‘puerh’ journey begin I remember very well the best puerh teas that stuck until present in my mind. I could not define much those days why but still I keep them in my memory.

There was and still is a shop called HouDe (a small introduction of them here). They had this genuine Gua Feng Zhai that took off me the land of  ‘unknown’.  The cake was off my budget still the sample I got lasted for some time.

I had also from the best (so far) hand-made old style oolong teas. They developed their taste even in  zip bags. Maybe the reason I do not drink oolong teas also green ones as hard find the top notch leaves these days. 

Not able to buy a cake is a these days mantra. Would you not buy a 50 years old puerh tea sample if you can? I would for sure do so. The experience of the heavenly cup of tea is a deep experience and I would say not only taste but the uplifting feeling of bliss. 

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