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easy to drink…

easy to drink…

hard grasp the true essence of it

so it is Yibang Mansong puerh tea 

hard to convey by words but you look for this exotic wood taste 

I don’t think I ever eaten exotic wood but at least felt the scent of it. 

At the beginning it seems this ‘atribute’ too strong so that I thought to contribute this to a plantation tea flavour but with later steeps it gets weaker and more recognizable by senses. It’s like strong perfume that is unbearable when overdosed. 

It goes for many many steeps onwards and one should like it so to enjoy it. 

‘Decoding’ the attribute is maybe the key to famous Yibang teas so as Lao Banzhang has this ‘sweetness’ of iron and almost iodine note. 

Drinking more and more these teas one gets a grasp of each unique character. 


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