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good tea II

A good is not puerh and it is not oolong. They both can be. A key is to understand good tea. What is a good tea,  in part II is explained. 

Just sipping the late brews from Da Lun Shan oolong and Yiwu Gaoshan danzhu. They both were great, even the late, long steepings. How come? There were time I thought only puerh tea is a good tea, only this gushu puerh tea satisfies my tea thirst. Really?

Once the taste, the flavours, feelings of drinking tea became and still becoming like a huge painting on the wall then I started to ‘fully’ understand tea. 

Someone asked me why I started to sell oolong teas. Why? A good tea is a good tea, it is not puerh gushu so and so… These are perceptions in our mind. They might be false and misleading, they can limit us at a great deal.

Once I reached the appreciation state of huge master painting then it should not come from that and that famous painter. It is simply a great masterpiece that gives me pleasure to experience it, enjoy it.

The masterpiece is composed of flavours, scents, aromas, feelings given by tea, all these when they are in harmony then that is a good tea.

A good tea won’t just satisfy your taste buds but would relax the body and uplift the mind. Once happy thinking of the lost unhappy state I had before the tea session gives a conclusion that this was a good tea. 


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