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Huazhu ’21

Huazhu ’21

‘New’ tea is hard to judge and predict how it will be when it’s ten, twenty or so years. Most sought after puerh teas are made to drink now or simply said they are ‘modern’ puerh teas. 

We want to experience more things in shorter time. A friend on an ‘holiday’ island told me that people are coming for a shorter time these days. He says it is like they want to see the world in two weeks. 

Do we fear to miss something in this life? To be left out of some things? Still we want to the best of things, experiences… 

I thought that this tea is so and so, not much to write about, but suddenly after 3-4 brews this concert of fruity scent and flavours hits my mounth.

Slowly, slowly my friend. The curtain of thoughts is so heavy that I lost the track of this tea. Once it has dropped the light was blinding. 


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