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long tasty aftertaste

long tasty aftertaste

why not to talk about how well the body feels after a cup of tea...

Jiri Duchek bizen teapot and cracky glaze pitcher, Bangpen 2017 sheng pu-erh in a hand painted Wen Chiao Lin porcelain cup

You drink it and you are blank, in a good way, not dull, packed with tasty taste, nuttiness with sweety exotic notes at the background, you have have no words to describe, you might try to find similes, but why? you like it or not, you drink or not, very simple, why to wait for the best tea, what is the best tea, your tea, my tea, the one you drink right now, let it sink into the depths of our consciousness and it will relax you, why not to talk about how well the body feels after a cup of tea…

There are endless combinations of teapots, pitcher, cups, teas, seasons, water, kettle, mindsets and one moments of life, they will never be the same, they will never be as yours or at least similar, let these thoughts float away, as clouds on the sky, don’t drink tea, drink pu-erh

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