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Mansa black tea dragon balls

Mansa black tea dragon balls

notes taken on 21st May 2020

this machine pressed ‘dragon balls’ black tea is for long brewings, if you tend to forget your tea leaves in your pot while steeping, this is the right tea, it takes several brews of 3-4 minutes once the ball opens fully but then you are rewarded with a good black tea with old tea tree notes, genuine bergamot notes will convince you of that,

once you hit the right few fully sweet brews then you only smile and forget about this world turmoil, very long runner with truly magnificent natural old tea tree material, in some moments I got hints of old aged pu-erh tea notes that might have been achieved by the black tea processing, in case you got this tea in your cart then I suggest you to get a few grams of Mansa 2013 that is a same tea garden already aged finely

I am really fond of this tea farmer family that all members are very down to earth honest people making good tea for many years, I have been buying their leaves for 10 years now



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