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memories of the past

memories of the past

or drinking teas that are left only bits and pieces. Such tea is this Mannuo 2014 spring, that was dry spring and the prices were really high. They were saying that such tea will be good in the future. Who has time to wait these days?

The setup of teaware is the same as the past two days, glad to found out the amamori cup offers very natural feeling. The aroma is ’emitting’ so nicely, sweetly as a pastry shop with freshly pulled out cakes of ovens.

A note about the black teapot, a simile comes to my mind that such teapot needs to be tamed like a wild horse, meaning once you know how to make/or what to choose to have in it then the experience is very natural as the teapot itself. Once tamed and the rider knows how to ride it, it is a pure pleasure.

I have a feeling a tea, a younger sheng is rather not to be steeped too long it, or rather oversteeped then it gets veeeery strong.

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