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old tea old me

old tea old me

Time does not exist. When I stored this tea I thought 10 and more years is a sea of time. Now, 13 years later I do not think the same way. Was it me who saved/stored this tea? The past is so vague and I feel it was not, it did not exist.

I met a lot of tea people, merchants, farmers on my first trip to China back in 2009. I got this sample of tea from Jim. A guy who thought english before. Now living in an one room rented apartment in Yiwu goes to mountain source, supervise his maocha for pressing his cakes. He talked little, when so very serious, calm, never praising his tea, giving me and my friend big samples to take away. His teas seemed pure, hardly noticing any taste, like a mountain spring water. He was honest, very honest. After 13 years I know his teas were one of the best I had in my life.

This maocha sample aged 13 years, when I looked at this morning, ohhh, very dark brown. Who says tea can’t age in Europe? Not the same as in Taiwan or China or HK, this is right. But from the start I had the feeling that good tea will age anywhere. Probably countryside would be better as in my case. Anywway this post was not meant to be about storage way.

I simply would like to write about ‘my’ feelings that I have during my mornings sittings.

This maocha note I have on it says Yiwu unknown area. Maocha age in a different way and taste different way. It’s raw taste, not in chinese way of sheng translation but rather I would say the taste of maocha would stay raw ‘for-ever’.

Still the taste is almost empty but the slight burning feeling mixing with vibrations telling me this is a good tea. Purity that fades so fast and leaves no taste only leaving a good imprint in the mind. This tea is good.

Someone would ask why is it good? How do you know it is good?

Words are useless

                                           experience is within us.



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