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rare 2014

rare 2014

Never doubt your feeling about tea. I wanted to define many times a such and such tea. Put into words what I felt but no way. These feelings don’t have labels in our language. 

Some years ago while drinking this tea with Alex we felt a tremendous energy of Rare 2014, still the taste was not developed yet. It was only the hint of what I feel now and could be still only a fragment of its future ‘givings’. 

There are many humid days this autumn and winter in these part of let’s say middle Europe. I feel many of my ageing cakes are making a big leap forward (haha words by Mao for his intended big leap) . 

I have learnt these months that a particular bitter full taste of cakes from around 20 years ago, those I had in offer that were stored Taiwan, so this let’s say interesting and good taste appears in my cakes too. Only time and one’s experience teach him a valuable lesson. 

Old tea tree leaves age on their own way and the aged cakes are like ‘grand pa’s’ old cask aged whiskey or something like that to compare to. These full, deep and wide bitter, mature, strong flavours. Not as I expected to have its ‘fresh taste’ crispy, lemonade style drink to go. 


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