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satisfies my tea thirst

satisfies my tea thirst

Drinking 2013 Hekai tea this morning satisfies my tea thirst. The tea thickness, oiliness and it’s strong scent captivates my senses, fully. 

Waiting 10 years to have such tea? If I knew this experience I would store more of it. I think I have only this chunk of about 50 grams. We always say that if I knew it. 

The subtlety of new (good old tea tree) sheng teas is so fragile and hard to appreciate, they are like a finest silk to caress, so light but so eternally deep. It’ s not a physical depth of them and it something beyond. 

The real structure of such teas grows year by year, it’s like maturing of a man, a true wise being that gathers more and more life experience. 

The moments of realisation, the good tea, I say then, ohhh, this is a good tea and I am happy now. 

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