here are from 1. July 2022 aplied new rules for charging EU VAT rates that will be chosen according the billing country. The other (Non. EU) countries will get the product prices (incl. 20% SK VAT) that are shown in the shop. The EU countries, if other than 20% VAT will have the adjustment made during the checking out process.

this or that tea

this or that tea

Looking at the stock of Pang San Zhou 2020 and the same time now tasting it I have to raise its price. The very most thing a good puerh tea needs is time and time is patience. We allow the tea rest and the soul to mature. 

I just thought to compare PSZ20 with Lao Mansa 2021 and now I would rather drink the former. Why? Why I write such un – bussineess like things? It is so, still can be my personal view and script. 

Try to compare teas, put one next to other, let yourself enjoy them, let your body tell you which is better. Stop thinking of price and other things you heard. 

Enjoy tea, enjoy life, do not let tea eat you up. 

Tea is not life, and life is not tea. Tea is tea. 

We drink tea. 

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