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wake-up call

wake-up call

This tea will wake up all senses and cells of your body. Wake up and stay here. 

It’s amazing how well is moved in terms of ageing Lao ManE 2014 spring tea I recently I put online. You notice the darker leaves, the darker brew, the rich soup. The aroma hits your nostrils and you know that this is a good tea.

2014 spring had little tea due to dry spring and they were saying that this spring material will age well. It is true about this buddhist monks Lao ManE indeed.

Very pungent bitterness with baked tones, not very recommended for pu-erh novices. The bitterness is getting rounded not that sharp as it was once fresh. This tea will wake up all senses and cells of your body. Wake up and stay here.

like its typical, unique grapefruit like bitterness, once you know this unique taste you won’t be fooled by other teas that would call themselves Lao ManE. It’s wild nature the same wildness you feel in people in this village. Each time I visited this place I had this weird turmoil feeling in my mind.

I used porcelain teapot from Andrzej Bero with Brita filtered tap water heated in Zini yixing clay kettle on a gas stove.

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