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young sheng puerh

young sheng puerh

Today randomly picked tea session with Naka 2023 results in a fact that I want to store 1 kg for my ageing. The cup I am just drinking is something that I really appreciate in teas lately, it is the exotic wood character, the so good on my palate, I can’t describe this or explain this exotic character flavour.

My only logical explanation is that the taste I feel is in fact the scent of. Once I have the tea in my mounth, I saviour it and send it down to the stomach. The mounth is closed and then I exhale air. This is I think called in wine tasting reverse ‘sniffing/smelling’ when done on purpose but still we do it all the time.

The taste/flavour is so good that I really like it. I find it a lot in the Mansong series I had lately. The fact that this tea is one year old and at its initial, first year stage was so coarse that I was not able to judge, to find these nuances in it leads me to a fact that buying/assessing zero year old sheng puerh is really hard.

One has to focus on its purity, on body feelings and then on the flavour/scent profile, actually purity is connected to this but not nessecarily pure tea is rich in flavours/scent in his early eage. Vice versa rich flavour tea profile does not have to mean a pure tea. 

Here also comes into the game the depth of the tea, another ‘feature’ that is hard to explain. The depth is present already at a very yound stage of tea. 

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