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The essense of old tree tea

The essense of old tree tea

Let’s go back in age, today a good match for yesterday’s tea which was VeiAn’s 2021 puerh and that is Lao_Cha 2016.

First brew is pretty decent and mild, showing round taste, indeed a lot of similarities to 2021, feeling more friendly fruitness although.

The age makes his part, I would say converting raw tea to a drinkable tea. The 2nd brew shows the tea is aging in a right direction, the colour of the soup goes to goldish, browniesh and transparent.

VeiAn teas are strong ones so that one might get a feeling it is all bitter. Indeed it can get so if brewed mindlessly. I would love to give a precise guide for a right brewing but I simply can’t. I rely on my feelings, my heart and that is out off our ‘convential’ reality.

Also the ‘mouth set’ is important, I would never enjoy that much teas when drunk in the afternoon, after many kinds of flavours and substances passed through my mouth. The best I feel teas is morning time and when not eaten anything that day. This might sound a pretty hardcore but it can be managed with ‘a right mind switch’.

The fourth brew is still enjoyable, and I am trying to get to words the unique characteristic of VeiAn’s tea. There is a mixture of ripe plums or other slightly bitter fruits with a bitterness that is found in fresh walnut skin. A bitterness that gets unpleasent if there is too much of it. So this might be the reason when these teas are pushed too much can’t be enjoy-able.

Ohh, the last drops that I just poured out of the teapot (drops that remain in the teapot after a pour and they sloooowly dropping from one leaf to other until the gather at the bottom of the teapot) are pretty strong, bitter but so packed with the right essense of old tea tree.

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