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the more I ‘push’ it the b…

the more I ‘push’ it the b…

The better it is, at least for myself that the bitterness tolerance is ‘more enhanced’ than some others drinking more moderate style.

Some teas simply can’t be brewed, I think, brewed and drunk  with long steeping times. Someone said the good bitterness won’t leave a unpleasant feeling in the mouth and rather dissolves into good aftertaste.

I had this tingling urge to brew Yuna heros tea since yesterday. I did it this, still, morning time.

Around brew 4-5 I forgot to empty my teapot and steeped the tea for several minutes and what happens? It is good for my taste buds and my ‘soul’. Even now drinking the 3-4th ‘prolonged’ steep some further and further interesting ‘things’ are popping up.

Ohhh man, pu-erh tea was made to age and drunk aged. How I denied this fact for many years. Old men or old age brings wisdom, a tea wisdom.

P.S. This can go on like ‘the more I brew it the better it is’. Ohh how many teas were ‘not finished’ or rather fully ‘discovered’ in my past?


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