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when a starter becomes a main meal

when a starter becomes a main meal

I was photographing a gaiwan from Andrzej Bero and I thought some tea leaves would look nice in it. I took a handful of white tea and just tossed in it. Took a few shots and another thought came to my mind that wet leaves would look nice in it too. 

There was at hand a cup by Jiri Lang. So I paired it with the gaiwan. In my house there are all kind of teaware laying around. They live with me and my family. They should be treated as living beings otherwise they are just dead pieces of baked clay. 

I was already heating up water on the charcoal for my daily puerh seassion. So I made a brew of ‘this’ white tea for a sake of further pics. 

I tasted it as the aroma of it hit strongly my nostrils. What a delight? Kept doing photos and brewing the leaves. Second brew hit my head now, ohhh, we have a saying here a good honey will hit your head and indeed it is true. The pain is only short lasting  and its meaning is, it says the stuff is goood. 

This Morning dew got a pretty nice tea, this is not saying it was not at the beginning. Now simply got more silky, refined and pure. I love old tea tree teas, no matter what tea is processed to. 

And now the conclusion, in my head, mind, these thoughts, a simple gaiwan that I rarely use, a very simple cup that I also rarely use with a simple tea that also I grab occasionally I almost forgot about the main puerh tea session.

The purity of ‘this’ tea with its hidden energy prepared in teaware made by hands, by people I know delivers an experience that might be remembered. 

All these labels, expectation of the mind are useless garbage, they are just to be discarded. Thanks to tea that brings me back to a ‘real’ experience. 


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